January 14, 2019

Labor Bulletin

We are glad to inform you that the Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board of Mexico City (“LCABMC”) has published a Labor Bulletin which indicates that as of January 1, 2019, the agreements entered out of trial, will works only with prior appointment as follows:


  1. Through the LCABMC’s official web site;

  2. Telephone line; or

  3. Personally, in the Legal Unit of the LCABMC.


The legal requirements to process your appointment will be the following:


  • Employer/Employee names;

  • Employer’s Federal Taxpayers´ Registry Number ();

  • Employee’s name; and

  • Salary amount and way by which it is paid.



The aforementioned manners will be the only ways to get an appointment to enter and execute agreements out of trial.


We remain at your service in our address:

Rio Duero 31 Col. Cuauhtemoc, A.i.c. Cuauhtémoc,

C.P. 06500, Mexico City.

Main line: +52 55 5242.0771

Contact: Marcela Trujillo,

Managing Partner.