June 13th, 2017

Medium-Term Auction Manual

The purpose of the issuance of Market Practices Manuals is to have a regulation and operational provisions in the market, in this case, the wholesale electricity market.


In this regard, the Secretariat of Energy of México issued the Medium-Term Auction Manual, which aims to develop in more detail the elements of the bases of the electricity market and establish the procedures, rules, instructions, calculation principles, guidelines and examples to be followed up for the administration, operation and planning of the wholesale electricity market.



This Manual includes the following:


Chapter 1, the nature, purpose, content, defined terms and rules of interpretation of this matter;


Chapter 2, the purpose of the Auctions, the frequency with which will be carried out, characteristics of the call and the products that may be offered to buy and sell through them;


Chapter 3, the characteristics and requirements to be fulfilled by those who wish to participate in the Auctions as Potential Buyers or Potential Sellers, the function of the Clearing House, the cost of participation in the Auctions, the Guarantee of Seriousness, the manner in which will be assigned the corresponding contracts, the causes of conflict of interest and the statements that Potential Sellers and Potential Buyers must express;


Chapter 4, the essential characteristics of the contracts that will be assigned through the Auctions, the payment, the settlement, conditions of delivery of products, seller and buyer's compliance warranties; and


Chapter 5, the procedure to be followed to carry out the Auctions, from the publication of the Call to the subscription of the Contracts.

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