Energy & Mining

RVA Abogados offers legal assistance to their clients to negotiate in the different energy rounds resulting from the Energy Reform Law, under the regulatory framework with the corresponding government bodies such as Energy Regulation Commission, Energy Ministry, Tax Ministry, National Commission of Hydrocarbons and Petroleos Mexicanos and its productive subsidiaries and affiliates.

RVA Abogados also offers legal assistance in negotiating contracts for acquisitions of refineries and the participation in procurement governmental acquisitions with the Energy Governmental Entities.

Our lawyers provide you with a vast range of legal counseling in different transportation, commercial and operational contracts related to international trading of hydrocarbons, crude oil, gasoline and other crude oil products, together with the draft of contingency plans for preventing pollution casualties for the trading of hazardous materials either by sea or by land.


RVA Abogados advises multinational companies on self-generation, cogeneration, and renewable energy projects (wind, biogas and solar); legal advice in the preparation and negotiation of all types of agreements involving mining rights; legal advice on handling and using explosives and dangerous substances regarding mining activities and; legal matters related to the acquisition, assignment, and recording of mining rights, issuance of mining licenses and payment for mining rights.