One of the key factors in investment decisions is the impact of taxes. Therefore, precise knowledge of local tax provisions is essential. From an international perspective, as commercial barriers continue to disappear, Mexico has also attempted to offer security to investors by signing over forty tax treaties with different countries. Familiarity with the benefits of such treaties is invaluable to investors.


Our tax department has extensive experience advising clients from a national and an international tax perspective. From the tax effects of employee benefits, to the tax consequences of international reorganizations and stock sales, our tax attorneys provide expert legal advice on a wide variety of tax topics for individuals or multinational enterprises.


In addition to our consultants, our tax team is also composed of experienced litigators, who have successfully tried cases that have set innovative precedents that have contributed to important amendments to our tax laws. Our tax litigation practice has been part of the firm since its foundation.


At RVA Abogados, our experience and capabilities allow us to represent clients in a variety of situations, whether counseling corporations during tax audits, pursuing administrative


appeals of audit results, or litigating tax matters at the trial court or appellate court level. When necessary, we know when to go to court and how to litigate successfully.


What makes our tax team unique is that consultants and litigators work together on most projects, providing feedback to avoid disputes with tax authorities or to obtain favorable results if a case has reached the courts.